Collecting Data analysis, Users’ feedback, User stories & flow

We start off with a cup of coffee, getting to know you, the system and requirements. We start collecting info, data, we interview relevant users. We then write users’ stories and create personas.



Brainstorm and rough sketches, Wireframe, Prototype

Now we think. What have  we learned? what can be  achieved?  How could it be done? This is the time of great joy where we can throw crazy ideas and have fun! Back to the ground level- We create pages on top of user flows so we’ll not leave anything behind. We are ready to create prototypes , continuously iterate to more functional ones



Graphic hierarchy, Color scheme:

We start creating initial graphic concept influenced by context and what we have learned about the company and the users.



User  testing & feedback:

We check ourselves several times by testing and changing  what we created  before writing any code. We observe users while using the product and listen to feedbacks and concerns.




Whole Graphic identity design, UI elements, Transitions & animation, Support  Development team:

A complete brand identity and graphic. We create style guide for the entire product. We are ready for coding!



Fine Tuning, observe & fix:

Once it’s live we can see how it is performing.  We make necessary adjustments where it counts.

Get In Touch:

Mob:   054-6679490

Eyal Weissbein

I believe design need to be Simple to use, Easy to learn and Clear to understand.
Im always seeking the next challenge in the UI/UX field, creative team leadership and related disciplines that will allow me to apply my professional and managerial Experience.


  • Team management
  • UX / UI planning and thinking
  • Research, Wirefaming & Mockup design
  • Results driven design
  • creative leadership.
  • Graphic & interactive design
  • Design for Mobile devices.

You can Download my CV HERE


I managed Eyal for almost 2 years while he acted as Creative Manager.
I was proud of the creative quality of the print and digital work, which Eyal came up with, led and designed.
I was also impressed with his ability to consider – and balance – strategic issues, creative concepts and practical technological considerations. Fantastic at providing developers what they need to complete projects.
I am sure he will be an asset to every company

Kobi Mor

VP | Chief Operations Officer (COO), Media Shakers Corp

Working with Eyal was real pleasure, he was able to take a group of talented people and get the best out of them, working as a team. his dedication and positive spirit influenced everyone. Eran Vakrat

Co-Founder & CEO, Stealth Startup

I have worked closely with Eyal for the past 2 years while he has been employed as the creative director,

have been consistently impressed by both Eyal’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed him to develop strong working relationships with both the marketing team and his creative team .

Eyal’s ability to fully understand marketing needs and goals have made work very quick and effective.

Dalia Levi

Marketing Manager, Spiral Solutions

Eyal is highly cooperative, proficient, dedicated and innovative person. I was working with him to establish the UX design of key elements in some projects, he contributed  with his positive and professional attitude. As
bottom line, Eyal is certainly a guy you wish to have in your team.

Nimrod Gorali

Product Manager, Spiral Solutions